Teatox: Over the Hype

The majority of us are searching for that one thing, the easiest solution to losing weight. We’ve tried fad diets, cleanses and now Teatox! Teatox is THE weight loss trend at the moment with every celebrity and their mother promoting some new brand of tea on their Instagram. And with celebrities flaunting their amazing bodies while holding a cup of the brew well heck wouldn’t anyone be enticed to try it! Cue me. I fell into the trap of an empty promise of ‘simply drink 2 to 3 cups of tea a day for a flat stomach in 14 days”. What people seem to forget is you have to stick to a strict low carb, low sugar diet for the tea to actually work, but in saying that does it even work? Take out the tea and you’re still on the low carb and low sugar diet, so what is the difference? Before you continue, I am not a medical professional and I am taking from my own personal experiences which I know may be different for others. I am however an advocate of healthy eating and exercise even though I don’t follow my own advice half the time…


I was wary of trying any teatoxes as a lot of teas out there on the market produce a laxative effect. Bootea, SkinnyMint and Flat Tummy Tea (funnily enough these are the teas most frequently endorsed by celebrities), all produce a laxative effect as they include a ‘Night time cleanse’, that word ‘cleanse’ makes me want to shrivel up into a ball. Who would want to put themselves through gut wrenching pain just to lose a few pounds? They’re basically laxatives in fancy packaging. Also be wary that teas with a ‘cleanse’ can lessen the effects of hormonal contraception, we’re trying to lose weight here not gain an 8 pound baby! The only way I would consider trying a teatox was if the product is all natural and without making me run to the bathroom.


In total I’ve tried 2 different teatoxes: Cha Yi Tea and Miss Fit Skinny Tea, all 100% and laxative free.


Cha Yi Tea:


First up I tried Cha Yi Tea ( or Cha Yiiii! as I liked to call it).

Cha Yi Tea claims to offer “a highly effective weight-loss solution based on an ancient Chinese recipe that was originally created to help with ‘digestion’.” I was recommended this by my best friend who swore by it and after she told me what it claims to do I was hooked and had to get it.


Price: €29.95



Oolong green tea, lotus leaf, cassia seed, gynostemma pentaphyllum, poria, alisma rhizome.



  • Place one teabag in a cup and fill with boiling water.
  • Leave to infuse for 2 – 4 minutes, but no longer than 5.
  • Remove teabag and sip your way to weight-loss.


The Claim:

  • Burns the body’s fat reserves.

You mean to tell me that all my extra padding will just melt away by drinking 3 cups a day?! Okay…. Continue…

  • No extreme exercise of diet.

Music to my ears!

  • Blocks fat absorption.

So not only does it melt away my existing muffin top it’s going to stop it from re-appearing?!


What actually happened:

All teatoxes tell you to have a cup first thing every morning before breakfast, then another with lunch and again with dinner. Since this was my first teatox I woke up the first morning of it giddy with excitement, thinking of my new flat stomach and slimmer waist I’d have in only 2 weeks and all I had to do was drink tea that tastes like green tea.

I’d have my 3 cups a day with each meal, with each cup tasting blander than the last. I had devised my own meal plan from researching recipes online and stuck to a low carb and low sugar diet. Everything was fresh and healthy with very little snacking and if I did snack it would be on fruit or nuts. So not only did I start a teatox I seemed to change my entire lifestyle and way of eating. I was conscious of what I was putting into my body, not to any obsessive level, but still I knew what not to have.


I was making every effort to ensure I got the maximum benefits from the tea and my diet was better than ever. However, one huge downside to the tea is that after every cup it left me feeling hungry even though I always had it with a meal.


The results:

While I don’t know the amount of weight I actually lost, as I don’t own a weighing scales because if I did I’d be a slave to it, I can tell you that my jeans were a little looser, the muffin top more like a cupcake and my stomach flatter than before. But was it the teatox? To be honest I don’t think it was but what it did do was make me more conscious of the foods I eat and helped change my diet. Did it last? Nope.


Miss Fit Skinny Tea:


photo credit: www.missfitskinnytea.ie


Next up, I tried Miss Fit Skinny Tea and if the name doesn’t draw you in I don’t know what will. I picked this up after seeing it at The Irish Beauty Show. I spoke with the woman at the counter about it and I loved that it was an Irish company and of course 100% natural! I picked up the 14 day teatox and looked forward to starting it the next day. There is a free meal plan that goes along with this ‘to maximise results’, which you can download from their website: www.missfitskinnytea.ie, again low carb, low sugar. While on this teatox you can’t drink alcohol, soft drinks or store bought smoothies/ juices and you must drink 3 litres of water to stay hydrated. There’s a list of foods you should avoid and it pretty much cuts out everything unless it’s fresh, clean and healthy. We’re talking no sugar, salt, fatty animal meats, refined white floor products, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, deep fried foods, baked goods, high fat cuts of meat, butter and ice cream. So nothing nice no? Life is for living and all that….


Price: €24.99 for 14 day Teatox (infuser sold separately)




Sencha green tea, lotus leaf, pu’erh leaf, lemon grass,  garcinia cambogia extract, rhubarb root, hisbiscus leaf, fennel, chamomile, jasmine,




  • When you make a purchase you receive a very cute strawberry infuser, which you fill to the top with tea.
  • Place the infuser into a cup of boiling water.
  • Leave to infuse for at least 5 minutes.
  • You can also reuse the same leaves up to 4 times a day, again it says ‘for maximum effect’.


The Claim:


  • Helps you to eat clean, while developing habits and routines to help you along your healthy journey.

Finally a tea saying it like it is! That’s what I found with Cha Yi Tea, it helped develop a healthier lifestyle, for a short while.

  • Laxative free.


  • Weight reduction aid

At least it’s not claiming to blitz your fat away! An honest-TEA!


What actually happened:


Unfortunately my journey to a healthier lifestyle was cut short just 2 days in to this teatox. I suffer from migraines (you can read about it here) and maybe it was my body trying to rid itself of all the evils I’ve consumed, but I got the worst migraine after 2 days drinking the tea. So I stopped drinking it and left it for another week, I wasn’t going to give up that easy, plus I wanted to see if the migraine would come back after drinking it again. Could it all just have been a coincidence? I’m sad to say no, it wasn’t a coincidence, the migraine returned after drinking the tea for a day and no promises of a flat tummy will ever let me suffer through the throbbing pain of migraines.


The results:

There were no results, which is a pity because I was really rooting for this tea. I know not everyone’s experience with this tea will be the same a mine, but perhaps anyone who suffers from migraines should go for a paddle in the pool without taking the full plunge in the deep end. Think I’ll just stick to gold old reliable peppermint tea, which actually is great for bloating and upset tummys.


Alas my teatox journey comes to an end. I’m hanging up my metaphorical teatox boots and going to try healthy eating and exercise. I’ve always said that the only way to lose weight and to keep it off is through eating healthily and regular exercise and now it’s time to practise what I preach!

2 Responses
  • Mags
    August 13, 2016

    Hi Jennyferlyons,
    As a sufferer from migraine, Teatox is now out for me. Great advice and great read.
    Thanks a mill

    • Jennyfer
      August 14, 2016

      Hi Mags! Thanks for reading and happy I’ve helped! With migraines it’s just not worth the risk!

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