The Bare-Faced Truth


“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”

Sophia Loren


The majority of us wear some kind of make up on a daily basis, ranging from full-face glam to the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. In fact 1 in 3 women wouldn’t dare leave the house without makeup, according to research conducted by retail giant Superdrug. To give you some more stats, because we all love numbers, 6 out of 10 wouldn’t even consider going to work without makeup and something even more crazy, 1 in 10 women admitted that they would never let their significant other see them without their ‘face on’! That’s a hell of a lot work right there!

I usually sit in the middle with my daily face, having enough makeup on to conceal blemishes, dark circles, the works, without looking like I’m about to hit the club.

My morning routine was the same every single morning; cleanse, tone, moisturise (that goes without saying), followed by; foundation, concealer, contour, eyebrows, blush, mascara, highlight, and either lip tint/ gloss/ lipstick.

For nearly two years this was my daily routine and not once did I deviate from it.

The products I used were essentially my face in packaging and my face wouldn’t be ‘outside ready’ until this routine was complete.

It wasn’t until two weeks ago, while I was back visiting home, that I realised for nearly two years my face hadn’t been outside naked. No one, except my boyfriend, had seen me bare faced and au natural.

Along with this realisation came a self inquisition. Why haven’t I gone out bare faced? Why do I wear makeup? Why do I HAVE to wear makeup?

Everyone has their own personal reasons for wearing makeup but mine had changed and turned nasty. I wasn’t wearing it purely because I loved makeup and being creative with it anymore. At the end of each day as I would watch my face being washed down the sink, I’d look up at the mirror and almost recoil. It didn’t seem like my face anymore. Gone were my eyebrows ‘on fleek’. Gone were my chiselled cheek bones. Gone were my lashes for days. I had become so used to wearing makeup that I hated my natural face.

From my little trip home I learned that my attitude and relationship to makeup had drastically changed. The fact that I dreaded anyone seeing my face ‘au natural’ was not good. And so, with my investigative hat on and magnifying glass in hand I set out to find the root of the problem.

My investigation didn’t bring me far and to be honest deep down I always really knew why I’d never leave the house without my ‘face’. About two years ago, when I was 23, I started taking the Pill. I had never taken it before then but presumed it would all be fine. All was not fine. Within 3 weeks it had released the inner acne beast and my face was covered in horrible angry cystic acne. The hormones from the Pill had sent my own hormones absolutely crazy and had left my face red, sore and lumpy. To people reading this that have never had acne, no it is not about vanity and to people reading this who have had acne, you know the score. It strips you of your confidence, self-esteem and if the media would have you believe, your beauty.

My doctor tried to rectify my skin with a different Pill, which did help a little but also brought with it migraines from hell. So that was the end of the Pill for me!

And so we move on to trying to get my skin back to some way half decent.

Duac Gel became my bestie. It’s a topical gel that you use at night and it worked wonders! I know that it doesn’t work for some, especially people with super sensitive skin because you are putting an acid onto your face, but it really worked for and I still use it from time to time to keep spots at bay.

Even though the acne had cleared up, leaving a few scars, I didn’t realise until recently how much this acne beast had affected me.

So I decided to run a little experiment – one week, no makeup. *Gulp*

To my own surprise I actually did it! Not a spot was concealed for a whole week! Dark circles, blemishes, un-defined brows, were all let run wild and free for seven days with nothing holding them back.

Day 1 was strange. I spent a lot of time looking at the ground, so uncomfortable with my own face. If I walked past anything reflective I’d curse this damn experiment! “Oh hey there Dobby…” This is how I saw myself.

Day 2 things were starting to pick up. With an extra 40 minutes in bed each morning, the perks of wearing no makeup were cheering me up!

It took me until day 3 to realise that no one has said anything about my naked face or acted differently towards me. Why is it I even contemplated this? Of course people wouldn’t treat me differently, how silly of me, and if they did I now know those people are idiots.

The rest of the week went better than expected. I woke up, did my cleansing ritual, dressed, made coffee and sat down to either watch some telly or catch up on some articles before work. Compare this to my usual frantic and stressful mornings of rushing around getting ready due to me spending too much time (again!) on my brows! Thank God bushy, natural brows are now on trend! See ya brows on fleek!

‘But how do we know you really did this?’ Well behold, all you lovely people, I documented the week with some selfies!

Scroll on and let your eyes gaze upon my natural, un-filtered freckly face!


Yes these were mostly taken in the car before work, still not over the embarrassment of taking a selfie outside! Around people.. Are you mad?!


Another car one there.


Day 3. Another car selfie.


Work selfie & a smile!

Did this experiment teach me anything? Hell YAAAS!

I fell ‘in like’ with my face again, it’s not true ❤ just yet, but we’ll get there. As for my relationship with makeup… After our week long break I’m happy to report that we are back together on great terms.

Absence does make the heart grow fonder, but for all the right reasons this time.

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