Are you ready for a puppy?

If you’re contemplating on adding a new bundle of fur to your family, my advice would be to think long and hard about this. I would say give as much thought to getting a puppy as you would if you were deciding to have a baby and start your own family. Yes they’re absolutely adorable and turn your insides to mush every time you catch sight of one (puppies I’m talking about here!), but they’re a huge responsibility. After dog sitting a puppy for a week, I realised that no matter how much I would absolutely love to have my own, right now I’m just not ready for the responsibility of a puppy.

If you are considering getting a puppy well read on and let me change your mind! Ah no, in all seriousness, I’m going to break it down for you and tell it to you straight. Getting a puppy is like having a baby and the following can be pretty much used as a guide for considering both!


  1. Me Me Me!!

FullSizeRender (6)

Puppies demand attention. They want to be played with all times until they decide they’ve become tired or hungry.  If you don’t provide this attention, boy do they let you know by bringing every toy they own over to you, nudging it closer to you, leaving it on your lap, and if you’re still not responding they’ll take drastic action and bark! “Woof woof!”


  1. Buh-bye to alone time!

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Following on from the above, you know with all the ‘give me attention!’ you can kiss alone time with your significant other good bye. There are 3 of you in this relationship now and puppies don’t understand the concept of a ‘third wheel’!


  1. They cry… A lot.

When we left the puppy in the other room, he cried. When we went to the bathroom or had a shower, he cried. When we went to sleep, he cried. I think you’re getting the jist here, any time where he wasn’t right beside us, he cried. The solution? Be at his beckoning call, always.



  1. Romantic meal for 2? Nope.

I have never owned a dog before. We always had either a rabbit or a cat as pets when I was growing up, so I had never experienced trying to eat a meal with a puppy. Let me allow this photo to explain:

FullSizeRender (5)

That’s what you get for the entire time it takes you to eat whatever you’re eating. Dogs don’t discriminate against certain meals, so be it a huge dinner or just a yoghurt, a dog will stare with his sad puppy dog eyes at your food, following each forkful, which in turn makes you feel guilty and then you’ll eventually give in and let him have it. They always win. Who wouldn’t with those eyes?!


Buster’s week long stay was coming to an end I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t looking forward to a break away from him. (Is this how new parents feel?!) But when the time came to say our goodbyes and we watched him looking out the back window of the car as they drove away, I noticed an aching pain had taken residence in my heart and I immediately regretted ever looking forward to some peace.

Yes puppies demand attention, cry a lot and become a third wheel, but even when all is said and done, at the end of each day you still arrive home to someone who is bursting with happiness to see you and this makes every other worry melt away. They really are man’s best friend.



So after all my advice and you still want to bring a fluff ball home, please choose to visit dog kennels first. There are beautiful dogs just waiting for a new family to adopt them and to give them a new lease of life.

See below for a list of re-homing kennels:

ISPCA National Animal Centre
Tel: 043 33 25035

ASH Animal Rescue
Tel: 059 647 3396

Tel: 086 8149026

Dogs in Distress 
Tel: 086 3696413

PAWS Animal Rescue 
Tel: 052 915 3507

Dogs Trust
Tel: 01 8791000


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