Cheap But Oh So Cheerful!

There’s nothing I love more than great make up at affordable prices. I love a good bargain me but when the product is just ‘oh so good’ it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over!


We’re all on the search for amazing make up but without having to whip out the credit card. Yes we’re sticking with the debit card here!


Aww yiii… gimme that high-end beauty but with a budget price.


Make up has become really affordable in recent years. The drugstore beauty brands that many of us grew up with (I’m looking at you Maybelline powder foundation), are now being surpassed by great quality products minus the big price tag. Staying on trend in the beauty game has never been cheaper!


And so you’ve reached the point in the post that you really want to read!


“Tell me Jennifer, what’s the best affordable make up out there?”


Fantastic question! While I can’t tell you the best, because let’s face it I haven’t tested every brand, I can tell you about the ones I have tried, tested and fallen head over heels for!


For anyone who knows me, you know how ridiculously excited I get about skincare and make up, especially fantastic products I can buy that won’t break the bank. Case in point being last weekend I headed down to Dungarvan for the Food Festival and I popped into Sam McCauley’s pharmacy for some essential dry shampoo and no joke I nearly died. NYX Cosmetics were staring back at me, calling me over… I have been an outside admirer of all things NYX for ages but had yet to gaze upon its wonders in real life… awful sad. Long story short, after nearly an hour, I left the pharmacy with more than just dry shampoo.

*little side note- NYX deserves it’s own post which I shall be doing shortly and you won’t want to miss one product that has literally changed my life… to be continued…


Slight detour there, but I needed you to grasp that when I love something, I LOVE something.


Now listen up young grasshoppers, the brands which I have been absolutely LOVING are:


  • Catrice
  • Essence
  • Penny’s (or Primark for all ye outside of Ireland) own brand PS…


Lucky for all of us these 3 can be found all under one roof, in Penneys! YAAS!


Catrice have been upping their game since day one and now you could rank them amongst any of the high-end brands. Every time I go into Penneys I leave with one or two bits from Catrice and they never disappoint. Most of my every day make up is Catrice and the same can be said for my going out make up. Cannot praise this brand enough!

Essence you could say was one of the first affordable make up brand that we were introduced to. I remember when it first came into Penneys I was a bit dubious about the make up but pretty much bought every nail polish colour going! I slowly started picking up a few bits and trying them out and really liking them! Essence is the only liquid eyeliner I buy and it’s the best one I’ve tried. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

And last but not least, Penneys PS… Coming in late to the game but making huge strides is Penneys own brand of beauty products. This brand has been growing both in popularity and in range, with more and more lines being added from skincare to eyebrow stencils. For anyone who’s on the lip trend bandwagon, which is pretty much everyone, PS… lip liners are just amazing!!



Bits I’m loving:


  • Catrice Liquid camouflage – high coverage concealer



This is up there with Nars, in my opinion better! Great coverage, doesn’t budge and the best part, only €3.99!!

I’m very fair and wear 010 Porcellain, which is the perfect colour. Now like everything, there is a downside, being the colours are very limited. It also comes in 020 light beige and they’ve just released a new colour, 005 light natural. So fingers crossed they extend it further! Buuuut, if you’re more on the tanned side, this will work as an amazing highlight for contouring!


  • Catrice limited edition – Denim Devine – Eye shadow palette




Just picked this baby up the other day and wow… WOW! Asides from the beautiful rose gold case, this will be your go to summer palette. Neutral tones, matte and shimmering, with a pop of coral, blend-able with fantastic pigment! This palette has so many looks, it’s the palette that just keeps on giving, and I’m in love. €7.95… still not over it!


  • Catrice High Glow – mineral highlighting powder



If you only buy one highlighter buy this. €5.50, need I say any more?


  • Catrice Blush Artist – shading palette




This little trio of blushes comes in 3 shades. I picked up 030 Rock’n’Roses, more pinky tones to suit my colouring. Again like the eye shadows, really easy to blend and great pigment. €4.95!


  • Essence Liquid Eyeliner



For perfect winged eyeliner this is my go to product. I’ve been using this for years and haven’t found anything better. And why would I change when it’s that good and only, what for this now… €1!!!


  • Essence – any of their nail polishes




Like I said above Essence polishes were the first things I tried and I still love them to this day. They average from between €2- €4 so my nails are always on trend, cheesy but true!


  • PS… Lip Liner Pencil


Purchased for the first time last week and these have blown my mind! Great durability and glides on so easily! Unlike the essence lip liners which have changed formulas and now suck… boo L PS… liners are only €1.50, say what?! I bought the shade Dark Pink which is really similar to the infamous MAC Soar but for a teeny tiny fraction of the price so who’s the real winner here?


  • PS… Oil Blotting Sheets

Not technically make up but I had to share! I have combination skin so my t-zone gets quite shiny during the day. It’s a good thing I found these because these little wonders save the day every day! Just pat one sheet where it’s needed and the oil in instantly absorbed! Another mind-blowing moment, my bestie was there, she can vouch for me! Buh-bye shiny face! Have them handy for only €1.50!



I have purchased a few new bits recently so if they’re just as good as everything above I’ll let you know! If you want me to review anything don’t be shy just say hello HERE!




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