Missing EU Already

The dust is still settling over the United Kingdom after the catastrophic bomb, that was the Brexit referendum, exploded during the early hours of Friday morning last. The final result was 51.9 to 48.1 per cent in favour of Brexit, but it wasn’t long before Leave voters started changing their tune after UKIP Leader, Nigel Farage, announced that yes he had indeed lied about the guarantee of £350 million going straight into the NHS. This guarantee was the swaying decision for a huge majority of Leave voters, and now with an online petition of over 3.7 million signatures, people are demanding for a 2nd referendum. It’s up to Parliament now to listen to the people and decide whether or not to move forward with Brexit.


But while this monumental cock-up is being realised, I think we should take a trip down memory lane and see, how during this tumultuous relationship, the EU successfully prevented other idiotic notions from the Tories.


  1. Trade Union Bill

The EU protected the UK’s workers right to strike by not agreeing with and heavily criticising the Trade Union Bill proposed by the Tories.

Also remember that a responsibility of the EU is ensuring that paid holiday, overtime pay and the right for workers to strike is upheld by the UK. Now that they’re out, does this ensue fair game to any idea concocted by the leaders of Britain?


  1. Human Rights Act

Now this is brilliant. So back in 2015, the idea of ‘Get rid of the Human Rights Act’, was part of David Cameron’s manifesto. But if we go back to 2010 we see this is when the idea was first proposed. However after forming a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, this idea was put on the back burner only to rear its ugly head after the Conservative party won the 2015 general election.

The Human Rights Act is a key requirement of EU membership and in case you’re unaware this act gives a wide range of protection, this includes the right to life, freedom from slavery and forced labour, security, abolition of the death penalty and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This idea of British Bill of Rights is now back on the back burner due to huge opposition from the EU.


  1. The Welfare of our furry friends

The EU have done nothing but great things for animal welfare and were a key player in forming animal welfare codes in the UK. In January 2012, the EU were successful in putting a ban on barren battery cages for hens and also in 2013 a ban was put on sow stalls, making it illegal to keep pigs in confined spaces. ‘Oink Oink’ hurray!

While we witness all this great work from the EU the current conservative government have plans to repeal these animal welfare codes. They may not be human but they still have feelings and are possibly more intelligent than the current government.


  1. Can you smell that?

The EU again trying to do a good deed in sorting out air pollution and ensuring improved air quality by passing legislation in 2012 that would force member states of the EU to carry out random emission checks of cars. This new legislation got the Brits backs up, surprise surprise, and in 2015 the government tried and failed to block these emissions checks on cars.


These are only a few of the golden moments between the EU and UK during their 43 year romance. The question is now, who’s going to prevent the UK from acting on their silly ideas?

One things for sure, the UK is channeling the famous words of Justin Bieber said during his deposition ‘I have been detrimental to my own career.’

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