Parisian Pastries

I’ve waited years for this moment! The moment when all the hours I spent endlessly scrolling through Instagram has finally paid off!

Forget the cute animal pictures, the motivational quotes, the ‘thinspiration’ photos; the food pictures are where it’s at. I’m constantly distracted by the abundance of ‘food porn’ and left famished after my daily scrolling.

On this particular day I happened to click on the ‘popular’ page of Instagram, did a bit of scrolly scrolly and BAM! There it was, a tiny little picture that would change my life forever. I just thought it was another Instagram worthy foodie picture, but no I was wrong.

I clicked into it and before me I saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen; an éclair. Not just any éclair though, it was a work of art.

*Cue heavy breathing*

heavy breathing

I had to find out where I could buy one of these masterpieces and luckily the person who had uploaded the picture had tagged where they had bought it.

The éclair was from L’Eclair de Genie, a small boutique shop in Paris. My dreams were crushed, Paris, when would I get there soon?! But wait! I was going to Paris the following weekend! This was fate, it was meant to be. I was born to eat one of these éclairs!

Eiffel Tower? Pfft. Arc de Triomph? Ahhh nope. Champs Elysees? Forget it. This little shop was all I had my sights set on.

It’s situated on 32 Rue Notre-Dame des Victoires, and it wasn’t hard to find at all. Throw the address into google maps, hit search and you’ll get the metro you need to take, simple!

girl outside bakery
Absolutely delighted with myself


Now feast your eyes on these beauties!


Eclair box
Even the box is beautiful!


Just look at them! (shocking face emoji)


More beauties


Word of warning though, these ain’t cheap! They average at around €7, but trust me they’re worth it!

I purchased a salted caramel butter, a lemon cheesecake  and my favourite a nougat eclair. They were each utterly amazing in their own way, not your standard cream filled, chocolate covered eclair.

If you’re heading to Paris any time soon go check out these eclairs, you will regret it!


Salted caramel butter, Lemon cheesecake, Nougat

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