Rented Apartment Living: How to make it your own

In today’s world the majority of us will, unfortunately, be renting most of our lives. Millennial’s avocado and flat white lifestyle is, apparently, the reason to blame for not being able to afford a mortgage and become homeowners. We’re earning more and spending more at the same time, brunch date here, there and everywhere. And why shouldn’t we enjoy the money we’re making, am I right?!

If you’re (extremely) lucky enough, your rental accommodation can look like it belongs on the cover of an interiors magazine; modern, luxe, Instagram worthy chic, but for the most part it looks like it came straight out of the 90s, we’re talking carpet tiles and worn out sofas. We’re striving for our insta-worthy home but until we can (hopefully) afford to buy a home I have some quick and easy tips on how to make a rental apartment your own without breaking the bank! So, sit back and sip that latte….


1: Lick of paint!

The easiest, but perhaps the most time-consuming ways to change the look of your apartment is to paint the walls. Now I know this might not be possible for everyone but just ask the landlord, tell them the colours you want to paint it, and you never know, they might just say yes! Sure, they’d be mad to say no to a free lick of paint!


2: Switch up the lighting

From my rental experience, landlords don’t give a hoot about lampshades! “Anything will do”, I can hear them say! Mis-matched and not at all coordinating with any colour scheme.

‘Brenda, why would the lights need to compliment each other?! Sure they’re just lampshades! They can’t talk!’

Changing all the lampshades in your new accommodation can give the place an instant boost. And there’s such a huge range to choose from you can create a look unique to you.



Adding floor lamps and table lamps will create a stunning atmosphere in your home – have a dark corner? Pop a beautiful floor lamp in and it will instantly give that corner a boost.

floor lamplampshade3


3: Change the curtains

If the first thing you notice in a room are the curtains then they need to go. I’ve had hideous green patterned ones, bright red and faded yellow – these all had to go, replaced with crisp, fresh cream curtains. I’m more partial to a muted palette for curtains and will leave the colour popping to accessories. Again, like switching up the lampshades, changing the curtains will refresh your living space taking it from drab to FAB!



4: Fancy Foliage

Indoor planting is having a huge moment right now. Real or faux, the greenery trend is still sticking around. Adding a potted plant to a shelf or window sill will inject colour and life into the living space. There’s a fantastic selection of faux plants in the shops at the minute so my advice would go faux for low-maintenance bliss!



5: Cosy cushions, comfy throws

Replacing the sofa’s and chairs are pretty much out of the question, unless you invest in storage – nah. Easiest way to refresh your seating area is with cushions and throws – just be careful to pick colours that actually go with what you have. I have a red sofa in my apartment so I chose soft furnishings of a grey palette (Dermot Bannon who?!) to compliment the red. Bare in mind that you have to work with what you’ve got, so no matter how much I love those green geometric cushions, they just ain’t gonna go.



6: Candles, candles everywhere!

To finish off your new look add some pretty new candles. Scented, unscented, whatever takes your fancy! I just love how warm and inviting candles can make a room. Forever having a candle lit in my place!



Are you enlightened with this knowledge I have bestowed upon you?! 6 super duper easy things you can do to make your rental into the palace you deserve! The only thing now is what will you change first?!

Now I must leave you all and go and get my flat-white fix…



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