Step 1: Admit

“I am a hoarder.”


*Deep breaths*


Now before you have me signed up to Extreme Hoarders faster than you can say ‘de-clutter’, hear me out!

My hoarding is confined to a specific place and that place is my wardrobe. Piles upon piles of clothes, some with tags still on, some barely worn, some who are worn to death but yet I love all of them equally. No discrimination in my wardrobe!




When did this reluctance to de-clutter my wardrobe begin you ask? What a great question! It all began when I first got to pack clothes for my holiday all by myself, I can’t remember the exact age but we’ll go with 8.

As I sat on the floor of my bedroom surrounded by the entire contents of my wardrobe I realised very quickly that I couldn’t choose what to bring. I had the same attachment to my clothes as I had to my teddies meaning if I didn’t bring those pair of shorts they might be sad they can’t come on holidays.

Yes I know this makes me sound loony but I was a kid with a huge imagination so give me a break!

Anyways, back to the story, I brought all my clothes with me on holiday. Did I wear everything? Pfft! Not at all! But I was happy knowing they were all with me (wild imagination remember?).

And so began my problem with hoarding clothes… I wasn’t able to throw away clothes to make way for new purchases, “everything has sentimental value!”

Don’t get me wrong of course I still got new clothes but they were just added to the collection. None of this new item in, old item out nonsense, are you mad?!

Every so often, I’d open the doors and a few pairs of jeans, maybe a jumper or two, would come tumbling out and I would know it was time, time to take everything out, refold and put everything back in. Get rid of clothes I haven’t worn in a while?! Who would ever contemplate this notion?! The only good thing to come out of this refolding event was the rediscovering of pre-loved clothes that I’d completely forgotten about! My wardrobe is the wardrobe that keeps on giving.

I have “this will look amazing when I lose a bit of weight” clothes. I have “I might wear it, but it’s so pretty” clothes. I have “but it’s on sale, only €10!” clothes. Majority of these clothes have only ever graced my body once… in the fitting room.




I think I’ve hit the point in my life now where I know my own style and that a lot of clothes I own just don’t fit this. And so the clear out has begun. Scarves, hats, socks, jeans, tops, jumpers, everything!

Behold! My progress so far…

Autumn section of wardrobe... But neatly folded!

Autumn section of wardrobe… But neatly folded!


Ah no I have more done I swear! There is a bag of clothes for charity ready to go!


All I need now is funding for my brand new capsule wardrobe!




Or if all fails, there’s always plan b… Preach SJP!



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